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Providing end-to-end solutions for construction 3D printing


construction 3D printing

Construction 3D printing is a modern technology that automates the construction process using a 3D printer and specific raw materials. This process involves building construction elements and full-scale structures layer by layer, which significantly reduces project completion time compared to traditional construction methods. It is often referred to as “digitised construction” and is considered a development of the Industry 4.0 era.

What we do

Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions is a tech-driven start-up, developing and deploying advanced industrial 3D printers to digitise manufacturing and construction sectors. It is India’s leading full-stack developer for 3D printing solutions, offering the complete 3D printing portfolio of Machine, Material, Software and Printing Strategy. Our solution aims to address the issues of low productivity and sustainability in the construction industry by automating 80% of the construction processes thereby minimising wastage of materials, reducing the labour requirement and decreasing the time of construction.

TVASTA 3D Printing Technology

Explore our diverse range of state-of-the-art machines designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and productivity across industries.

R&D Printer

The printer is a singular setup for research and development of 3D printing technology. It is adaptable to different materials and can be used to test challenging designs.

Production Printer

Our production printers are capable of large-scale production of modular structures. Our printer variants have been designed for production in a microfactory as well as onsite.

Robotic Arm Printer

Our robotic arm-based printers enhance printing potential through its multi-directional motion capability. It can be mounted on different platforms as required.

In the news

Our groundbreaking approach not only expedites the construction process but also enhances sustainability, as we utilize eco-friendly materials and minimize waste.
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Tvasta constructs a 3D Printed Office in Kolkata at Garden Reach Shipbuilders
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Work on building using 3D printing technology begins at Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra

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