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Gantry-based 3D Printers

Our gantry-based 3D printers come in different sizes to suit your needs. From testing new materials and processes to printing your structures on the actual site, we offer printers on 3 ranges – R&D scale, Offsite and Onsite. 

Nirmaan R&D

Small-scale printer well-suited for R&D Work.
Versatile and user-friendly machine suitable for structural, architectural and material studies.

Technical Specification

  • Build Volume of 1m3
  • Compatible with different subsystems for R&D work
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Nirmaan PD

Offsite 3D printer that can be used in a microfactory setup.
Effective in start-stop printing process.

Technical Specification

  • Multi-pallet system
  • Flexible X,Y and Z axes lengths
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Nirmaan ZT

Large-scale 3D printer suitable for printing at site.
Assemblable system that can be extended for G+3 structure.

Technical Specification

  • Extendable height up to 10m
  • Accompanied by suitable subsystems for efficient printing
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