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Optimal Material Selection for 3D Printing Solutions


Centre for advanced construction materials (CACM) is established to provide product based solutions for advanced building materials and digital construction. The centre provides consultation to the construction and cement industries in the area of concrete technology and sustainability


To establish an advanced R&D centre for innovating building materials and to provide ethical and sustainable solutions for industries associated with construction such as building materials and chemical industries.

Concrete 3D Printing

Concrete 3D printing and autonomous construction using advanced building materials such as Limestone calcined clay cement and modern admixtures such as Graphino for both Modular and on-site construction.

Cement Lab

Well established lab to conduct physical and chemical analysis of cement and binder systems. Muffle furnace for calcination of SCMs and development of new binders in lab-scale.

Concrete Lab

Design of concrete mixes and grouts for various grade and specialized application. The lab is specialized to formulate mixtures for self compacting, pumpable and geopolymer/alkali-activated concrete. The lab is equipped to measure fresh state properties including marsh cone, flow table, L-box, V-funnel, concrete penetrometer, concrete pump, and API filter press. The lab is also equipped with Compression testing machine of 1000 kN and 100 kN with flexural attachment. The lab is also having facilities to test fine and coarse aggregates.

Durability and Shrinkage Lab

The durability lab is equipped with instruments such as rapid chloride permeability apparatus (RCPT), chloride migration apparatus (NORD), sorptivity setup (desiccator, oven, pump), water permeability apparatus (WPT), and ovens for water absorption determination. The shrinkage lab is temperature and humidity controlled.

Concrete forensic Lab

The forensic analysis of concrete from old and disputed structures is performed using the facilities of forensic lab. It is equipped with muffle furnace, oven, hotplate with magnetic stirrer, pH and conductivity meter, and rebound hammer.

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