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“We’re excited to introduce you to a revolutionary way of construction”

Gantry-based 3D Printers

Our gantry-based 3D printers come in different sizes to suit your needs. From testing new materials and processes to printing your structures on the actual site, we offer printers on 3 ranges – R&D scale, Offsite and Onsite – with flexible Y-axis length.

Robotic Arm-based Printers

We use state-of-the-art robots for our printers that provide multi-axial control and ease of use. We offer customised motion systems for our printers to suit your requirements.


The following accessories are recommended for harnessing the complete potential of our printers

Aggregate Pumps
Pan Mixer
Pallets (in sets of 2)
Batching Plant
3D printing materials and additives

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